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NCX's Data-Driven Forest Carbon Marketplace

Our Natural Capital Exchange, NCX, turns forest carbon from landowners of all sizes into high-quality carbon credits for sustainability leaders.

March 2021, the largest carbon project by acreage in the continental US

  • 1.17M acres
  • 100+ landowners
  • 130,000 tons of carbon offsets sold
NCX will play a valuable role in helping Microsoft remove carbon from the atmosphere, and we look forward to seeing it make carbon market participation more accessible to landowners of all sizes.

- Elizabeth Willmott, Carbon Program Manager, Microsoft

For Landowners
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For Carbon Credit Buyers
Offset your carbon footprint with carbon credits from US forests
Participating organizations include: Microsoft, South Pole, Patch
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Delivering change, together

NCX is designed for corporates and communities to grow healthier forests together. By democratizing access to the forest carbon marketplace, landowners and forests of all sizes can now be part of the climate solution.

NCX measures every acre every year

A marketplace built on a foundation of rigorous scientific and data methodologies, NCX is helping organizations meet their net-zero goals with verified climate impact.
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Create impact in your communities and habitats

Climate action is not the only benefit. By keeping forests on the landscape, wildlife habitats improve and communities receive economic support. Ask us how you can deliver impact in areas that matter most to you.

Designing the next generation of carbon marketplace

We built NCX to address challenges with legacy forest carbon projects head-on. Download NCX's Guide to Forest Carbon to see how to drive real, immediate, scalable, and efficient climate impact.
Forestry is based on the knowledge of nature, the deeper we penetrate its secrets, the deeper the depths before us. What the light of an oil lamp makes visible is easily overlooked; many more things we can see by torch light, but infinitely more in the sunlight. The lighter it grows around us, the more unknown things become apparent, and it is a sure sign of shallowness, if anybody believes he knows it all.
-Heinrich von Cotta, 1816

Who We Are

We are a team of foresters, data scientists, and changemakers dedicated to expanding our understanding of forests and strengthening our ability to manage these complex and vital ecosystems.

NCX grew out of CEO Zack Parisa's research at the Yale School of Forestry. Combining our expertise in forest science and statistics with the latest developments in remote sensing and big data, NCX is building the future of natural capital markets.

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