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NCX is the easiest way to monetize the standing carbon stocks of your forest

What makes NCX better


No cost to you

Participating in the market is free — no regulatory overhead or expensive measurements are required.

Economically material

Increase your total timberland returns through payments for standing carbon stocks that would have otherwise been harvested.

1 year term

Unlike other carbon markets with 100 year terms, NCX carbon contracts have a 1 year term.

How does it work?

Step 1: Create Account and Enroll

Manage your enrollment with our online platform. You'll need a landowner account to participate in the following stages.

Step 2: Fulfillment

You choose the payment levels at which you want to participate. NCX then matches you against carbon buyers.

The current cycle will close for enrollment in June 2021. Enroll now!

Step 3: Harvest Deferral

Over the annual contract term, you're responsible for harvesting less volume than you ordinarily would have, increasing the amount of carbon stored in the forest landscape.

Step 4: Payments

Upon verification of the results, you receive payments for the additional carbon on your property.

Frequently Asked Questions

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