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Save up to 50% on your cruising cost—get better data with fewer plots

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Compare & Contrast

Traditional Cruise

Get better data with fewer plots with the power of CruiseBoost

Satellite imagery "fills in" areas between the plots

CruiseBoost will save you time and money on your cruise, guaranteed

Work Smarter with CruiseBoost

10+ million

Acres Inventoried


Plots Saved


Days Saved

$5 million

Dollars Saved

How It Works


NCX's team of biometricians works with you to design an efficient, effective cruise of your property

You provide NCX with your stand boundaries and inventory specs, and we return a plot grid--but with fewer plots than usual


NCX integrates your cruise data with satellite imagery

Our patented CruiseBoost technology uses satellite imagery to "fill in" areas between your plots

The ready availability of satellite imagery makes CruiseBoost faster and cheaper than remote sensing alternatives, such as LiDAR


CruiseBoost gives you standard cruise reports—and more

Stand and stock tables are produced, and can be formatted to feed directly into your existing inventory system

And CruiseBoost powers much more informative and actionable reports, too, such as "heatmaps" of species, grade, or other data of interest

Request a proposal

Pricing for CruiseBoost projects is on a sliding scale according to the number of acres included.

To request a proposal for your project, submit your information or

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