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Basemap Analytics

Unprecedented insight into forest resources at a landscape scale

Powered by Basemap

A high-res view of the forested landscape - no fieldwork required.

Standard output

  • Polygon-level inventory summaries

  • Appropriate for initial assessment and ranking

Premium output

  • "Heatmaps" and other custom data layers for visualization and analysis in GIS

  • Customized data outputs

  • Rapid turnaround for urgent projects

  • Fieldwork planning to improve precision

Basemap Consulting

NCX's staff biometricians are available to work with you to produce custom derivative data products from Basemap.

The scale of analysis can range from individual properties to counties and states, or even the full continental United States.

Example use cases include:

  • identifying parcels with mature timber
  • wildlife habitat suitability modeling and assessment
  • landscape-level planning and projection
  • regional fire risk assessment
  • state-wide inventory and analysis
  • national-scale reporting

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Pricing is on a per-acre sliding scale according to the number of acres included.

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